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VIN Barcode Scanner Integration

Integration Functionality

Our application VIN Barcode Scanner( can be used from any other application installed on a device to scan, recognize and return VIN code in text form. It works via standard protocol. Each app can call other on-board app with a URL like this:


Here the typical workflow (on Filemaker Go example):

  • Filemaker Go launches VIN Barcode Scanner with a URL
  • VIN Barcode Scanner captures the parameters passed by the URL
  • VIN Barcode Scanner scans a VIN code
  • VIN Barcode Scanner places the VIN in a return URL provided as one of the parameters
  • VIN Barcode Scanner launches the modified return URL
  • Filemaker Go receives a recognized VIN code

So in other words, instead of developing your own VIN scanner feature you may use our app to scan VIN codes. Our app is proved to be the best solution currently in the AppStore. To unlock this Integration Functionality you will need to purchase corresponding IAP in the VIN Barcode Scanner app.

Here are some integration details

In order to activate VIN Barcode Scanner from some iOS app, it is necessary to use URL of the following form

b4hvinscan://scan?caller_name=Filemaker Go&callback_url=fmp7script://$/BarcodeTest?script=Scan&param=B4HVINCODE


  • caller_name — optional parameter which sets text on a button. This button will return the user from our VIN Scanner app to your app.
  • callback_url — sets URL (with template) for a return activation (call). This URL allows us to redirect user back to your app and pass scanned VIN.
  • B4HVINCODE — template, which will be changed to a recognized VIN code.

Each parameter’s value in this URL have to be encoded. Encoded string:




We are always happy to help you with our Integration Functionality or in VIN Scanning technologies in general, so please feel free to get in touch with us by email

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