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Both our VIN Barcode Scanner apps for iOS and for Android can be integrated with any other mobile application or even a web site.

How it works

Any third party app or web site can open our app automatically. Our app will scan a VIN code and then return its value back to app or site which had opened our app.

Why do you need it

It will be an awesome feature for your app or site to allow user to scan VIN code automatically instead of typing it in manually. It cost nothing for you and the only thing you have to do — add a button which will open our VIN Barcode Scanner app.

It’s absolutely awesome for example if you have a site with VIN number input form. Just imagine, if your user browse your site from a phone it’s quite hard for them to input 17 characters of VIN code from a phone’s keyboard. Instead of typing it, user can just tap “Scan” button to get VIN code in the proper field automatically!


We have a small example of how it can work with a site.

Please install one of our apps:

iOS —

Android —

And navigate to the following page from your smartphone:

Then tap a “Scan VIN” url, you will be redirected to our app where you can scan VIN a tap “GO BACK” button. You will be redirected back to the web page where you can see scanned VIN number.

The same can easily be done on your site or mobile app.

Please contact us directly for more details —



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  1. Thanks for your recommendation of your VIN Barcode Scanner apps.Your introduction on this software is in great detail,it seems to be a powerful software.Some features inside it appeal to me very much, I want to have a try.By the way, I’m going to do my work with barcode,does it support to read data matrix?

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